May 2012, Acrylic on Canvas.

Once there was a bird on my canvas flying optimistic around, singing: “Up! Up! Up!” And then suddenly it said “Stop! Stop! Stop!” And out of the confusion a smiling turtle appeared. “Welcome!”, I happily said. “How beautiful you are, who moves so close to earth and listen.” And I listened to it, the turtle called for the ocean, because turtle flies in water. And the ocean came and we swam together in spirals. Suddenly we heard the great song and we stopped and listened to the tones…we hesitated wanted to continue, but the road was already in us..the tones had found us..and a deep wave lifted us up on a beach with to a totally different melody…Welcome!! Old Faithful barked. And more creatures came along because Old Faithful had an important party in her life. Enriched by the party, we wander along, Old Faithful,  the Turtle and I. Step by step. Because life goes on, Old faithful.

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